brought a few a few pairs of Ugg sheepskin boots

At that time, he only brought a few a few pairs of Ugg sheepskin boots, with full of passion and self-confidence to start selling in the streets of New York. However, at the beginning he did not so good luck, the day, did not sell a pair of boots. However, he did not lose heart, and even some stubborn that will be a success. He was confident that there will be one in the US market is the world of his boots.

So he decided to go west, to California to look to find opportunities. When he arrived, he found that there were already some people like him, with similar sales of sheepskin boots in the sea. Here he heads a business customer to sell to 5 of 48 pairs of boots. Of course, it can be said that California developed surfing market attracted these fine sheepskin boots from Australia. Ugg Australia sheepskin boots started to become a surfer of each shore of the essential goods.

Since then, Australia Ugg slowly from a small surf brand to become a world-renowned luxury brand of sheepskin boots. But not limited to product line of sheepskin boots have begun to slowly increase the use of quality sheepskin casual shoes, slippers, and shoes for all seasons, recently launched a handbag line. A. 5815 Gaotong classic style.

This model has nearly three decades of sales history. In the long process of evolution, the only plate change. Shape changing to light lean direction. This style in the Hollywood star driven, swept the world, now has a good sales style. This style, with chestnut, chocolate, sand color, black, gray since 2008, and now the mainstream gray color.

B: 5825 in classic tube sections (black, gray, chocolate, sand color, chestnut).

The emergence of this style, almost the same time 5815. And 5815 is the level of tube complement each other. This style in the Hollywood star driven, swept the globe.

2010 UGG launched a number of spring series, changing styles and bold designs, making ugg once again become fashion label

Ugg materials division on the market

UGG chaotic material, but the main points are the following:

1, ugg suede surface + fake fur lining so popular mainly due to its excellent heat retention. ugg warm raw material is good or bad depends on the current versions of various domestic market

The material is made of flannel plus a layer of synthetic hair, poor materials, poor ventilation.

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Brand culture: popular streets of UGG boots

UGG, not a brand name, but a kind of shoes in general. UGG initial reason behind the name called ugly boots (meaning ugly shoes). Later nickname for the Australian ugg. Also refers to the round fur boots, until 1994 by an American registered trademark of UGG Australia, and manufacturers from Australia slowly into China.

UGG, is the rise in Australia during the First World War, the Australian pilot with the two pieces of sheepskin wrapped into the shoes to wear on their feet warm, 1820s, popular in rural areas of Australia. I do not know exactly when a factory started production, but it is certain that since 1933, Australia’s Blue Mountains factory had already started this style of shoes. Now more popular brands: UGG Australia, Yellow Earth, Blue Mountains and the like.

Brand origin: Australia

Brand founder: Brian Smith

Design concept: accessible luxury, super luxurious comfort.

Company Year: 1978

Headquarters: Australia

Brand culture: popular streets of UGG boots, once you wear it, you will not want to take off, its originality, credibility, and super-luxurious comfort will make you crazy. Whether it feels like silk wool classic anti-snow boots, let everyone comfortable and stylish surprise spring and summer sandals are the Must Have each season a single product. Ugg Australia took the lead in the United States, mainland China, branding has done impressive. Not long ago, Yale’s expansion also come to the mainland market, also launched its own brand –Yellow Earth, but the two are Ugg registered trademarks, registered after the last event, Australians have begun to pay attention to a brand protection.

Ugg, a legendary brand, first saw the Ugg boots Ugg simple-minded people who will be on the cartoon appearance is not too cold, but is such a boot, because a lot of European and American street shooting star has full board Ugg snow boots look pretty and popular in Europe and America of the earth, Ugg sweep of popular wind continues to explode, in Japan, Taiwan Ugg there are a lot of fans.

Ugg Australia sheepskin boots on the history dates back to 1978, and called the young Australian surfer Brian Smith once with a group of sheepskin boots to the United States. In the past years, Australia’s craftsmen have been used to sew the beach in New Zealand sheepskin boots, however, is that the business-minded young bold attempt to traditional products to the United States in Australia.

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